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Parts Square provides all the solutions. We offer a complete turnkey catalog and ordering system with optional fulfillment services, to go along with your mobile and SEO friendly website, allowing your customers to order and have parts shipped immediately to them from our network of suppliers in the US and around the world. Have your own products? Simply upload your data, take the order, and ship it out.


Complete Turnkey Automotive Part Websites

The fastest ecommerce technology available with year/make/model, guided, and full text search coupled with our Unified Catalog™ of parts and accessories. Enterprise Site Search, Faceted Navigation, Custom Category Navigation. Our Unified Catalog of Parts and Accessories segment across 60+ vehicle fitment data points in your sites navigation, dropdowns, and vehicle and product lookups.

Our platform was built from the beginning, for the integration of WDs and manufacturer data to be combined to provide the best ecommerce platform available for your customers, along with credit card processing, order management, marketing tools, and advanced pricing tools – for automotive parts online. Our websites are based on 20+ years of industry experience and auto parts website design – so they are optimized for user experience and conversion rate. We also offer a full turnkey experience – we show products with inventory and automate fulfillment to your own store or warehouse distributors – even sending tracking emails automatically to your customers.

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Parts Square features

What Parts Square can do for you

Parts Square provides a complete inventory of auto parts -- genuine OEM replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories, in an easy to use web based catalog for ordering by your customers. We can automate fullfilment by sending orders to your vendors electronically and even send tracking emails to your customers.

Auto Parts Website Hosting and Custom Web Development Programming
Website Hosting & Custom Development

We will build out your solution, and run it, fully managed, on our platform. Select a template or have us custom build a site and host it, running our enterprise class automotive cataloging system for your customers to shop on. Take orders, process credit cards, and have parts drop shipped automatically to your customers -- all with one click.

Accurate and Extensive Auto Parts Catalog
Accurate & Extensive Auto Parts Catalog

1000+ Brands, 5M SKUs, 200M Applications. We have the most accurate catalog in the industry coupled with our offering of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts, in addition to Aftermarket Parts, Automotive Performance and Powersports parts, and Automotive Accessories. We keep it updated, so you don't have to.

Parts Square Optional Fulfillment Services
Live Vendor Inventory & Pricing and Optional Fulfillment Services

Use our network of warehouse distributors and manufacturers to provide the inventory and pricing for the products that will fill your website's catalog. Simply select which brands and parts you would like to sell, and go. Prefer to use your own vendor accounts? No problem, add your vendors' account credentials into our secure Ecommerce Manager system, and drop ship from them instantly.

Parts Square Auto Parts API
Integrate Existing Site & Host your Own - Headless Ecommerce API

Using our Automotive API solution, Parts Square or your own developers can easily add a catalog, cart, and checkout into any existing website or system with ease. Using our Software as a Service, you can get a full ecommerce system integrated into your existing site without having to get extra servers, install special software, import data, and maintain an ecommerce platform. Sit back and let us worry about all of the details, while you sell parts.

Data Processing Services - ACES and PIES
Data Processing Services & ACES/PIES

We provide data services, to produce a complete catalog for your data, or to rebuild your existing data set to be more accurate and better converting in an ecommerce environment. In addition, we can convert this into ACES and PIES, the industry standard, allowing you to distribute your data to a large audience. We help manufacturers get their data uploaded to their own custom branded website, or on their authorized resellers' websites.

Auto Parts Ecommerce Security
Trusted Security

Parts Square uses SHA256 128 bit encryption, and other advanced crypto algorithms to secure all data between your browser and our servers and protect you and your customers' data. We protect your personal data with military grade encryption and follow PCI Industry Guidelines.

Parts Square Extensively Experienced Team
Best in Industry Experience

Parts Square was built by the same people who constructed the original framework for Auto Parts B2B/B2C distribution, from leading U.S companies. We are made up of ecommerce, marketing, and data specialists, and software developers who have been in the industry since it's inception.

Parts Square Auto Parts Catalogs Constantly Updated with New Features and Data
Constantly Adding New Features & Products

We never stop working. We are constantly adding new suppliers and product lines to our catalog, including auto body parts, aftermarket & performance parts, and vehicle accessories. Our team of dedicated developers are always adding new features and streamlining the system to make sure you always get the fastest, most converting, and SEO friendly catalogs and websites available.

SEO, Marketing, Conversion Rates, and Sales

We have 20+ years of Experience building Enterprise Level Auto Parts Ecommerce Websites. Handling millions on unique visitors a day searching over millions of SKU and hundreds of millions of vehicle applications -- getting users to their part within 3-clicks! Our websites are built for part discoverability by major search engines, and have optimized conversation rates from years and millions of dollars spent on research and testing.

Professional tools

Coupon Codes, Backordering, Advanced Pricing Rules, Generate Shopping and Marketplace Feeds. Automatic charging of credit cards and vending to dropshippers.

Powerful analytics

Our websites are built to so you can see everything that happens -- even videos of your customers using your site!

Proven Solutions

Sell on Multiple Channels, set pricing, and recieve orders, all on a Unified Dashboard. Segment B2B customers or special accounts, and assign them custom pricing.

High Converting Websites for Automotive eCommerce

Compete with the Big Boys with Enterprise Class Features.

Start the right way
Start with Parts Square

Thinking about an Auto Parts Website? Start in no time with the tools Parts Square brings to you.

Choose the right plan

Industry Proven Solutions for Manufacturers & B2B

Build your brand identity and market your products, create new B2B and B2C website sales, and grow your dealer network with our proven solutions for part manufacturers.

Enterprise Class

Super Configurable Pricing

Set custom pricing for B2C and B2B Customers. Delineate by a combination of vendor, brand, part, and user account. Use matrices to markup by price range. Support for different currencies, MAP pricing, tax rates, discount codes + more.

Provide Your Own Data

Upload your data in ACES or CSV format. We will link it to your inventory from your warehouses. Even sell products from other vendors alongside your own! Have a Retail Website with B2B Pricing Tiers for certain customer accounts.

We fully support ACES & PIES, or your own format, providing application fitment, attributes, multiple images, product details, and more. We work with you to guide you to get your data just right and working for your customers on your own website.

On-site SEO

Website optimized for indexing by Google, using structured data & microdata tagging, and the fastest paging loading speeds using HTTP 2.0

We structure your website so Google can index your pages, which are engineered so Google will show your listings with the best titles and descriptions -- getting your more clicks and more sales..


Data Analytics & Live Videos

Data analytics, reporting, and even video recordings -- so you can see what your visitors are doing. We integrate with Google Analytics, Google Ads to measure your conversions, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We can attach events to any page or action on your website, so you can see what you users are doing.

Parts Square is Great for

Businesses Looking to Accelerate Part Sales Doing great since 2016
Importing and maintaining large amounts of vehicle fitment information [ACES & PIES] was becoming a burden on our software developers, and only grew worse over time. Leveraging Part Square's API allowed us to instantly access up to date vehicle fitment & product information without having to maintain a cumbersome database, and our software developers could focus on more important efforts. Using Part Square's API to do real time inventory checks, and their ability to place orders directly with our network of warehouse distributors for all lines in each order, automated our supply side while keeping the number of canceled orders to a minimum. I highly recommend using their solutions. It's one of the most advanced automotive ecommerce technologies that we have worked with over the course of our business. Go-Parts

Turnkey Automation

Automate Payments and Fulfillment - Full Turnkey Ecommerce

Automatically Charge Your Customers' Credit Cards, and have the entire order Automatically sent to your suppliers for Dropship

Auto Vend™

Send line items in an order to the WD that has the part in stock at the lowest price, or closest to the customer -- with one click. Set it on auto and let orders vend themselves with our Automatic Vending Technology!

Auto Charge™

Charge or Refund a customer's credit card, all from the order screen with one click. Do additional partial charges or credits without having to login to your merchant bank. Toggle AutoCharge, and payments will process automatically!

Auto Track™

Tracking Numbers get sent to your customers when their order ships, automatically! No matter how many different WDs their order was split between.

Save Time & Money

Don't worry about processing orders. Focus on marketing and driving traffic, and offering excellent customer support. Let Parts Square automate the rest!

Build Your Brand

Custom Website Designs

Let us build the perfect website for your brand.

With more than 20+ years of auto parts website design, we know how to make an eye popping site that is highly converting and user functional -- giving an appealing look while getting the customer to their part within 3 clicks. Our designs consistently lower bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

Go with industry standard categorization, or customize your categories and subcategories, specific to your merchandising and branding. We tailer your website to YOUR BRAND, not the other way around!

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They trust us

Do you have questions

Unsure about a few things? Wonder why you should go with us?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

We will build you a fully managed website for your brand, fully hosted and running on our infrastructure, including SSL certificates. We add the vendors and brands you want to sell, or help you import data for brands we don't carry, even your own brands. Your website will be built with state of the art technology, such as full text enterprise search, vehicle dropdowns with unlimited number of options, and we can custom build the navigation experience to your liking.

We support blogs, top products, custom content, SEO landing pages, gorgeous product detail pages with multiple hi-resolution photos of products, and an optimized cart and checkout flow.

In addition to your custom built auto parts website, we also integrate into your vendors/warehouse distributors for real time inventory, which prevents customers from ordering parts that are not in stock. We even automate sending orders to your vendors, and getting tracking.

Google is one of the most important places you want your products showing up, and with our Google Shopping Feeds Service, we will push all of your products and pricing to Google Shopping, allowing you to get free traffic from Free Listings, and run Google Shopping Ads. But we don't stop there, we also integrate into Walmart Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay -- allowing you to sell on different channels, but manage all of your pricing and orders from one unified dashboard.

We also offer any type of Payment Option you would like on your website. From credit card processors like Paypal, Stripe, and Authorize.NET, to services like Affirm® and BillMeLater®, or 3rd Party Fraud Check software, allowing you to screen your orders for Fraud. In fact, by turning on our Auto Vend™ and Auto Charge™ features, coupled with Fraud Protection, orders placed by your customers will literally process themselves, without you having to lift a finger, or have an ounce of worry.

We offer all of this, and more. Contact Us for more information.
We pride ourselves on the best customer support in the industry. We usually get back to you in a few hours and resolve your issues in hours and days, not weeks or months
YES! You have FULL access to your entire websites codebase, so you can edit any page, or create new pages, as long as you have access to a developer who can program in PHP and HTML. With direct access to your own website, you can build anything you can dream of, and you don't need to contact Parts Square to help you build it. You can do it all on your own.

You can also use our API to custom build any type of automotive ecommerce application.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. We can build any features you need as part of your setup and on-boarding phase, or later, down the road, once your site has already been live. Our system and business model was built to support custom features and integrations as the main focus of our service.

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